corporate fire safety contractor

We understand that fire & Safety Industry is one of the underprivileged industry, candidates having the experience and knowledge in this industry find difficult to get the right type of job. VFS consultancy is here to help such candidates; we make sure those individuals who are looking for the change as a corporate fire safety contractor will get here a suitable job.

Fire & Safety industry plays an important role in many places in India and there is a huge demand for many rich jobs in the HSE sector, fire and safety industry both in government and private industry organizations.

Being the job of a corporate fire safety contractor is to ensure the fire safe to any kind of corporate building. They need t to be active so that no safety mishap takes place in their workplace. The industries where we will let you placed will be such as oil & gas refineries, corporate buildings, steel manufacturing industry, power plants, as well as the medical industry.

These are some of the sectors where we will let you placed, every industry has there norms to make sure their workers are given additional benefits.