Driver Cum Pump Operator

Are you looking for some change in a carrier for the profile of the Driver Cum Pump Operator (DCPO) then we are your right partner to guide for carrier change. Being the DCPO you need to have experience in driving, as well as have the right of license for the vehicle driving such as:

  • Should have the license of driving Heavy Motor Vehicle or Transport Vehicle
  • License For Light Motor Vehicle
  • As Well as License For Motorcycle with gear

These are some main points to join as DCPO, as well as you must know the basic language Hindi and English as well as you must be ready to relocate to a new place. VFS consultancy is always there for you, we don’t only promise you a good job but always make sure that all the expectation of you get meet at the workplace. We are even there if you have any kind of problem while working there.

The job responsibility of yours will be to make sure of too and fro of heavy vehicles from here and there. As well as you have to complete every task assigned by your seniors.

Perks While Getting Hired with our reference:

  • High rated and best working conditions, you will get placed to the industry you are willing to work for.
  • Finest working conditions with various amenities to make you feel good.
  • Various companies’ policy and incentives to help you grow.
  • On place learning, initially at probation and then permanent employee if you work hard.
  • I will treat you in the most excellent way.