Disaster Preparedness Plans Training & Drills

Disaster Preparedness

All communities, organizations, the institution should have Disaster Preparedness Plan to mitigate the adverse effects of a disaster which can be natural or man-made. Predicting what disaster or emergency may occur within their area or region may not be possible, hence it is wise to have a broad Disaster Management Plan with built-in mechanism to allow guide adaptation for the specific crisis through education and training. Planning must be done keeping in mind the preparedness required in pre-disaster phase, during disaster and post-disaster rehabilitation.

Disaster Preparedness Initiatives

  • Prepare Disaster Preparedness & Management plans
  • Training all the stake holders on specific roles & responsibilities
  • Conduct safety audit including fire safety & safety audits
  • Designing & development of training content and material customized for specific entity
  • Capacity building initiative by training communities on disaster preparedness
  • Plan and conduct emergency response evacuation drills

Who can benefit from this program

  • Government & regulatory authorities responsible for DM planning
  • All organizations, institutions & educational institutes
  • Communities & society at large
  • NGOs & relief organizations

What are the benefits of this program

  • Helps to prepare a structured and effective Disaster Response Plan
  • Ensures prompt and appropriate response to the disaster
  • Better preparedness reduces adverse effects of the disaster
  • Helps organization & communities to be equipped to handle emergencies
  • Makes the rehabilitation process smoother & more effective