Health Wellness and Wellbeing training and audit

Employee health and wellness is a crucial focus area for the companies as this single focus area can drive the productivity and profitability of the company. Human resource wellness is a key differentiator used by various companies to attract & retain employees. Mass awareness and focused training initiatives on stress management, ergonomics, mental health, first response and worklife balance can significantly improve the morale of employee and will also reduce the economic burden due to absenteeism and any other injuries.

Health & Wellness Initiatives

  • Design & develop a first responder, stress management, ergonomics & work life balance program
  • Conduct training and awareness programs on the employee health and wellness
  • Continuous wellness awareness through the mass e-mail campaign
  • Train instructors on medical response and employee wellness program
  • Carry out ergonomics survey and conduct ergonomic training
  • Stress management & work-life balance training

Occupational health & safety initiatives

  • Develop occupational health modules for companies
  • Implement occupational health programs
  • Conduct regular employee health check-ups
  • Create awareness on diet & nutrition

Who can benefit from this program

  • Police paramedics, health workers
  • Employees in various organizations & institutions
  • Students, teachers & staff in all educational institutions
  • Supervisors & workers employed in high-risk industries
  • Members of community

Benefits of this program

  • In a medical emergency “minutes means life”. Trained first responder can make a difference
  • Save precious lives
  • Improves productivity of employees
  • Prevent aggravation of injuries
  • Reduces medical costs
  • Improves health & wellness in communities