Industrial Safety

The importance of industrial safety is emphasized because thousand of industrial accidents occur at workplace every year resulting in huge economic losses to business & society. These accidents and injuries are preventable though series of measures including selection of right machinery, equipment and PPE, defining SOPs and incorporating safety in processes, procedures and inculcating safety culture amongst employees, workers, contractors, vendors through continuous training and awareness initiatives. A stringent inspection, audit, framework ensuring compliance can significantly reduce these incidents & accidents.

Industrial Safety Initiatives

  • Safety policy & safety framework
  • Develop behavioral based safety programs
  • Hazard assessment and risk analysis (HIRA)
  • Design & develop safety training modules
  • Safety audits & consultancy

Who can benefit from this program

  • Top management and department heads with responsibility of safety in the organization
  • Line Manager , supervisors, safety staff, technician, job worker, skilled labor
  • Contract workers

Benefits of the program

  • Builds safety culture
  • Reduces incidents & accidents
  • Improves efficiency & productivity
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves employee morale & motivation